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End of Life Care

Improving the quality of life of a critically ill patient is an important component of Veterinary Medicine. Whether it is long term care for a chronic illness, hospice care for a terminally ill patient, or in home euthanasia to relieve the suffering of an older pet, at Bryant Mobile Vet Care, we believe in treating every pet with dignity and every owner with respect. Every course of treatment is tailored to the individual’s need. Pain management is of the utmost importance.

In home euthanasia usually is done in an area where the pet feels most comfortable and relaxed. Sedation is used in most cases. The owner will be required to sign a consent form that indicates that the person signing is the legal owner, gives permission to have the euthanasia done and that the pet has not bitten any person in the last 15 days. Cremation services are available through a crematory that we trust and have worked with for years.